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BD’s expanded focus on leading innovations also includes
acquisitions that enable the company to move into new
growth opportunities or add to their portfolio of products
and services. For example, BD recently acquired a
company called CareFusion, a medical technology firm
that manufactures products to reduce medication errors
and prevent care-associated infections.
To complement the CareFusion acquisition, BD
then bought a start-up called Crisi Systems, which
manufactures “Intelliport,” a real-time drug identification,
dose measurement and allergy detection data system
that can be sent wirelessly to patient electronic medical
records. With these two companies and BD together under
one roof, BD had created an end-to-end medication safety
solution for its customers.
Florio is enthusiastic about the industry’s future
opportunities. “Innovation can come from any where,
so we need to be open to it,” he advises. That said,
Florio acknowledges that investing in a technology
can be difficult, particularly for health care companies
and institutions, if their funding is short term or their
utilization is not 100 per cent. He says quantifying long-
term benefits and value will continue to require study. It’s
all part of his positive outlook on the road to breaking new
ground. “Being part of a vibrant innovation ecosystem
supports both the development and the adoption of
new ideas and technologies.” Through its participation
TO Health!
, BD is helping to create and shape that
ecosystem for the Toronto region.
Florio offers some advice for all businesses looking to
adopt an innovation agenda:
1. be very close to your market — talk and listen to your
customers about their needs, now and in the future;
2. be open to partnership — sharing resources and
investments can spread end-to-end benefits; and
3. seek outside your boundaries — of the products and
services you currently deliver or of your industry.
It’s good advice for business. Perhaps, not coincidentally, it’s
also good advice for all healthcare industry stakeholders.
BD Canada a key contributor
TO Health!
cluster initiative
The Toronto region is home to the largest
concentration of health sciences assets in Canada,
with strong connections to other global centres of
health science expertise. Initiated by the Toronto
Region Board of Trade, TO Health! is an industry-led
promotion cooperative focused on raising the profile of
the Toronto region’s Human Health and Sciences (HHS)
cluster. The initiative aims to build global recognition
for the Toronto region’s dynamic, innovative human
health and sciences ecosystem, positioning it among
top five HHS clusters worldwide.
TO Health! actively promotes and builds profile for the
entire Toronto region HHS cluster by highlighting its
strengths and its business, healthcare and academic
successes. The initiative is driven by a committee of
17 industry leaders, including Frank Florio, President
of BD Canada, and 11 CEOs from the region’s
pharmaceutical, hospital, medical devices, health IT,
professional services and academic sectors.
The Board encourages healthcare and health sciences
businesses, researchers and investors to discover the
exciting opportunities this industry cluster offers. For
more information, visit
or contact
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