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Small and medium sized businesses have long
had to be productive anywhere, anytime.
With technology’s increasing influence on the nature
of work, more mobile applications are being utilized in
the business market. Toronto Region Board of Trade
has compiled a list of useful apps aimed at supporting
small and medium sized enterprises, anywhere,
anytime and on-the-go:
is the world’s most popular consumer
messaging service, with over 900 million users. But this
cross-platform mobile app, owned by Facebook, is also
an excellent tool for small and medium sized business.
You can send groups of up to 50 people text, video, audio,
or chat in real time, without paying SMS fees or using
your mobile minutes. Create department groups, send
messages to individuals, or broadcast crucial business
updates to your entire team. If you have a geographically
diverse workforce or staff that are regularly on the road,
WhatsApp is a fast, budget-savvy way to communicate.
Financial Management
is 25 years old, but it’s arguably still
the most comprehensive integrated financial management
app for the SME. Track sales, expenses, receipts, pay
bills and manage payroll. New features in the 2015
version include key business data at-a-glance, such
as a current P&L statement and top customer profiles.
Reports are easier to read, review, send to and share with
your accountant. For specific needs,
is a
user-friendly invoicing and payment app that’s ideal for
consultants and solopreneurs who need to track their time
against project work. Combine it with
’s free
mobile app for scanning, expensing and tracking receipts
and invoices directly from your tablet or smartphone.
will automate everything to do
with payroll, including tracking employee time off
and calculating payroll taxes.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer tracking apps help organize sales leads and
marketing outreach.
has a free option for basic
CRM needs. It integrates with Google Apps to capture web
leads, show your sales pipeline and track any conversion
to sales in a customized dashboard. Future Simple’s
lets you centralize and manage customer accounts, set
contact and appointment reminders, and run reports
from a desktop, tablet or mobile.
offers a multi-
functional online CRM software combined with project
tracking that’s also accessible through a companion
iPhone and Android app.
adds a level of networking to its CRM. A ‘Social
Relationship CRM,’ it tracks leads, sales pipelines and
conversion rates, but it also imports publicly available
information from social media to compile a detailed
personal view of the contact. For example, Nimble captures
shared interests and important life moments to help your
salesperson develop a better rapport with the contact.
When you take your sales pitch for a roadshow,
will compile and track your itinerary, is accessible from
any device and offers real-time updates. Input your flights,
local meetings, car rentals, etc. and TripIt will keep
you, and anyone you share it with, on top of your travel
schedule. Coordinating a conference booth with several
staff? Use
TripIt for Teams
Data Backup and Recall
Protect the added productivity.
automatically backup your server and sync across all
devices, holding your files in the Cloud for a full and fast
recall should you have a catastrophic data loss or just
want to edit your document from outside the office.
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