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Power up
Your Pipeline
with ExecuLeads
Gain a
Big Advantage
The Big Bench
Looking to pinpoint more prospects and grow your
business? Fresh, high-quality contacts are critical for
your success. ExecuLeads is the source for key contact
information for business decision makers across the
Toronto region. Featuring a dynamic database that
identifies 18,000 top executive, ExecuLeads is a must-have
resource that streamlines your sales process. An easy-to-
use spreadsheet format lets you track, organize and assign
sales territories. Customize your reports by location, title
and sector, or prepare sales reports, charts and graphs to
gain executive buy-in.
Power up your pipeline with 18,000 up-to-date, validated
contacts from over 4,800 companies in the Toronto region.
Learn more and start using ExecuLeads as part of your
sales strategy today. Contact
, or
call (416) 862-4515.
When it comes to competing for top talent, The Big
Bench is the only report that gives you fresh, impeccable
compensation, benefits and employment practices data,
exclusive to the Toronto region. With a unique online
reporting tool, you can benchmark against other leading
Toronto region businesses to develop informed, intelligent
talent acquisition and retention strategies. More than
just numbers, The Big Bench offers insights to support
HR planning and decision making. In addition, a new
data reporting tool allows you to look up aggregated
compensation data on selected job titles and combine filters
to zero in on scenarios that matches your business context.
Unlike other self-reported compensation reports in the
market, the Big Bench offers substantial, credible data
submitted directly from 291 HR departments across a wide
range of industries and sectors, across the Toronto region.
View a demo of The Big Bench now at
and see how the region’s top organizations are gaining a
competitive edge with The Big Bench. To order this high-
value HR tool, contact Contact
or call (416) 862-4515.
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